Betfair has come to be one of the most popular betting companies in the world. Its fame has been largely attributed to the huge variety and diversity in the sports betting market. Betfair is also popular due to the generous odds they offer to their players when compared to other competitors in the betting business. There are also other factors exclusive to Betfair – Betfair allows a player to act as a bookie and they also allow you to sell or trade bets. However, this page will focus on the odds offered at Betfair and will give you all the relevant information.

Betfair Odds Review

Betfair odds are a dream come true for many punters as not only does the company offer the best odds, but they also have a custom feature available to their customers. That’s right, a custom feature! A player can take up the odds offered by the company but, if for one reason or another, the player feels that the odds are not fair, he/she can choose or create his own odds and other Betfair customers can take up the odds offered. This gives the customers a flexibility and freedom that no other company does. This offer is becoming popular and has attracted millions of customers to Betfair.


Betfair has cemented their dominance in the betting world and has proven time and again that it’s a trendsetter. Having reviewed odds from different betting companies it’s safe to say that Betfair odds are the real deal. The odds setup gives customers flexibility, as well as lucrative cash out options, in case of a win. Creativity is key in the betting industry and Betfair are holding aces up their sleeves and one can only speculate on what their next invention is going to be. In the coming years, other betting companies will start to emulate the custom bet option and this progress will be attributed to Betfair.